We are seeing a heightened awareness from consumers about what they want in a product these days. Buyers desire a truly unique touch and reflection of their own personal tastes in everything—from food to clothing to the cars they drive.

This need for individualized experiences and personalized purchases bleeds into the crafted lifestyle concepts that we are seeing more of in single and multi-family housing.

The trend is toward designing, building and renovating buildings in a highly stylized way for all types of residents. There are themes branding the overall architecture, not to mention interior and exterior color. The community and family aspect is driving a branded and experiential development. 

Along with this more holistic and connected system is a great need for color. We are seeing color being tied to the entire community whether it's an apartment property or a new homebuilder project.

It's uniqueness that managers and developers are using to attract residents and that is where we, as color consultants, play an integral role. It is exciting to see this market driving the need for color and the use of color in more sophisticated applications.  We are your ambassadors for color and it is our goal to design successful and sustainable color schemes for all kinds of building exteriors.