At a time of the year where we are getting lots of calls from homeowners wanting to make the most of the painting season, we still hold a special place in our hearts for those who are managing historical renovations. These can be particularly challenging and extensive and most who are involved have been so for many many months, if not years.

We have been designing exterior color schemes for historical properties for over 30 years and we continue to be amazed at the architectural majesty of homes and businesses and commercial properties in historical districts all over the country.

We have been involved with historical color services in online and print publications to hopefully inform homeowners and give them as much information as possible to get them started and headed in the right direction. We also are listed as a resource for various media outlets. One of these is through the Preservation Directory. We know this to be a great platform for people involved in many parts of historical architecture and development and even for DIYers.

Check out the website Preservation Directory and find us in the listings for Preservation Businesses under Historic Color Services for Colorado. And have a happy and successful renovation season!