People are flocking back to the inner city. Infill housing, scrape-offs and total renovations are all the rage with developers wanting to cash in. Mid-Mod Revival is a popular style but unfortunately homebuyers with no sense of history of their new neighborhood—and lazy, copy-cat architects trying to make their "hip" statement—are destroying the visual fabric of older neighborhoods. That is where an expert architectural color consultant can help to select the colors that are right for that neighborhood.

“New modernism” homes are extremely livable and space-effective unlike many historic homes that surround them. We have no bones to pick with modern infill homes but there is absolutely no reason that they can’t use colors that allow them to blend with the streetscape. Today it seems like young architects can’t feel like their houses are cool unless they are bright white, black, charcoal and russet. Sadly it is as tedious as it is lacking in creativity. This example is a handsome home but simply changing the brash white to a tan would allow it to be a good neighbor. Good architecture will get noticed. It doesn’t have to scream, “Look at me!”