We work with homeowners all across the country and they all have the same question: When is it too late to paint? The simple answer is—it depends. Unlike the NFL there is no official first game day that tells us our season has started or come to an end. There are many factors that come into play and different areas will have a longer or shorter painting window than others.

We are located in Denver, Colorado and our season tends to wind down toward the end of September. The main reason for that is the fluctuation of temperatures. It can go from 35 degrees in the morning to 80 by noon and then back down to 50 by dinner time. It’s anybody’s guess how long the sun will shine its light on one particular side of a house allowing for the proper temps to paint by. And as soon as the shadow is cast, so is the worry of having a paint job that lasts. 

Temperatures are of importance of course and we have always played it safe and informed our clients that 50 degrees is as low as you want to go. There are paints that have a lower minimum ambient temperature but they come at a premium cost. Even though your temperature might be just right when your painter has arrived and is ready to roll, you still must consider the temperature fluctuations as I mentioned previously.

Be wary of a painter who dismisses these details and promises to be available and open for business all year round. It just isn’t possible to paint during all seasons and come out with a successful paint job. Both appearance and durability are at risk.

There may be painters who work well into November and even December in some areas, but if they tell you they block off October to May don’t be surprised—and know that next year your home’s paint job will still be there waiting for you and it will look right when it’s done.