There is no good way to show what a color scheme will look like before it is done. Surprisingly, computer renderings are actually more deceptive than they are helpful because there are so many variables which cannot be accurately calibrated.

Sampling is an essential part of our system. The only way to see what colors are really going to look like is to paint a sample on your building. Color is totally relative. Most colors will change at scale and may change in proximity to each other, so in order to see the colors correctly you must take this step. 

How do you sample? Buy some quarts of the paint colors in the custom color scheme we have designed for you. In an area about 4 or 5 feet square, where all the colors come together, put up your sample. A cornice area is usually good—or a porch or gable. Paint as indicated on the marked photographs or plans. If you are painting it on the side of a building like around a window—or if the existing siding is a particularly strong color—make sure to paint a large area of the body color so that the old color will not affect the look of the new color. Just painting stripes of colors will not help!

Once it is done stand as far away as possible to look at it. Do not stand right in front of it! Get at least 100 feet away—preferably 100 yards away, no kidding. The farther away you stand the easier it is to envision the building in your mind’s eye as it will look in the new color scheme—and the easier it is to not be influenced by the old colors.

And have fun—the painting process is always an adventure!