I work with building exteriors where color has become hugely important. Markets are now so tight there is barely any difference between what competitors are offering at the same price points. The only thing you have to set your product apart is a look, a feel—in short, Color. Of course no one wants a trendy home. But yet there are distinct trends for the housing industry as well as for retail buildings. If you repaint and choose colors from the end of a color trend in two years your project will not just look out of date, it will look ten years old!

The trend information I glean from being a member of Color Marketing Group (CMG) not only allows me to offer much more than my competitors from a color perspective but the additional knowledge I gather about what drives these trends gives me the insight to provide nuanced colors that resonate emotionally with buyers, tenants and shoppers.

The Color People, together with Benjamin Moore and Denver Design District, is hosting a CMG Chromazone in Denver on June 15th. This workshop is a unique opportunity to exchange your ideas on what is shaping color amongst multi-industry color professionals. The work that is produced here will lead directly to a final forecast that represents colors that will be trending in 2018 and beyond.  Please join us!